Sunday, September 7, 2014


       news on where ive been and stuff.                   

ive been burned out, I wont lie im not stoping just been on break,been working alot stuff like that,people always say good job guys so on and so on but its really just one person me,asides stuff I credit others for. but site be back I will do the whole schedule thing like used schedule stuff to be post on it own after 12 am. Im not going anywhere that why most same celebs been posted over and over because so burned out but i be back sometime this week.PROMISE

           5th year anniversary                    

its been 5 years now views has been great,when i post more they been better but views over the years have impress as i always do they be a day to celebrate 5th year anniversary.

          LEAKED PICS              

ive noticed alot the celebs that was leak has been viewed alot,well im not posting them anytime soon new ones, maybe one day when all the heat dies down on sites. some the ones people been talking about are real some are fake.i havent lost my balls,i jsut dont think posting a few pics would be worth loseing site over.

               top 100                     

comeing this month that one thing people loves,and one thing they get mad over when their celebs dont make top 10 or list 


should i bring it back,let me know on twitter or just leave a comment on here


i get so many view on here but have only like 238 followers,you should follow me esp if u wanna request a celeb its easy get in touch with me their it goes threw my phone dont be ashame follow me at

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